With decades of experience between them, acres of passion and incredible knowledge, our growers have honed their skills to produce superior plants, season after season, helping us to maintain our position in the industry as one of the most trusted UK growers of premium quality hardy nursery stock.

Experienced Growers

With the pursuit of quality guiding everything we do, our success starts and ends with our specialist growers. Our experienced growers undertake careful repeat pruning by hand, for better plant structure and uniformity. Our growers take extra time, and do all the hard work for you, meaning less maintenance for garden centres, more consistent merchandising, and a better, more garden-ready plant.

Quality Selections

But growers are just one key part of our team. Our experienced selectors hand-pick each order to ensure you get the best and most uniform selection of our garden-ready stock, and within our despatch department our dedicated quality control team carries out a final check of your order, always aiming for perfection.

Continuing research and development

The knowledge and experience of our research and development team is essential in our continuous hunt for future ‘star performers’. Hundreds of potential new plant varieties are trialled each season before a shortlist is drawn up for the next stage. Our growers and technical team must then agree that a new variety is healthy, problem free, is a genuine improvement on an existing form, or has noteworthy garden value. It may take many years to pass the rigorous test, and give us the confidence to launch, but this means our customers only see the very best of what’s new.

Our reputation

Our strong reputation for premium quality plants is perhaps only matched by the reputation of our sales support staff and dedicated account managers, whose close working relationships with both the nursery and garden centre plant buyers ensure reserved stock is delivered at the right time, effortlessly and efficiently, and just as expected.